Dunki Movie Review – Is it Worth to Watch SRK’s Dunki [2024]

Dunki Movie Review: The movie plot revolves around four best friends from Punjab, and their only dream is to go to England. But their dreams get a small ray of hope when a soldier decides to fulfill their dream.

Original LanguageHindi
DirectorRajkumar Hirani
WritersRajkumar Hirani, Kanika Dhillon, and Abhijat Joshi
Release Date (Theatres)21st December, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan after his monstrous comeback in 2023 with his action films “Pathaan” and “Jawan”, has been ruling the box office with his back-to-back power-packed movies. In 2023 Shah Rukh Khan released a total of three movies which made his fans crazy all over the world. The previous two movies had recorded a huge number at the box office, now all eyes are on Shah Rukh Khan’s next movie Dunki. Now it’s year-end, and still, Shah Rukh Khan promises to entertain his fans with his and Raj Kumar Hirani’s Dunki. 

Shah Rukh Khan’s Starrer Dunki was released on 21st December 2023 and was directed by Rajkumar Hirani. After five years Rajkumar Hirani has returned with Dunki. The movie has promising actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Vicky Kaushal, Taapsee Pannu, Boman Irani, Anil Grover, and many more. The movie had a great booking at National Chain and is expected to clash with lots of other movies across the world. Here is a detailed review of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki. 

Dunki Movie Story

The story takes place in Laltu, where four friends have a great desire to go to London, but the four friends are unable to afford the cost of traveling to London. But Hardayal Singh Dhillon aka Shah Rukh Khan who plays the character of a soldier promises his four friends that he will take them to London. But this troop takes an adventurous, and illegal way to reach their destination. 

Why to Watch SRK’s Dunki Movie

The movie carries lots of emotions with friends and a romantic angle. Rajkumar Hirani as usual unwraps the emotions, along with the narrations. Raj Hirani’s way of blending the comedy with the emotional plot makes lots of sense in the movie. Hence there is lots of space for humor than heavy action compared to Shah Rukh Khan’s previous movies. Despite being a comedy-drama movie, with fewer actions the movie still takes a bow from the audience. 

The first half of the movie is completely worth watching as the characters are building with the story, so there is no chance that any movie lover might feel bored. Further, Raj Kumar Hirani wrote a gripping screenplay in the first half, hence there was no lag in the first half of the movie. 

Coming to the characters, Raj Hirani has written strong and natural characters. Their urge, and struggle to complete their dreams, are well-sewn with the story. Moreover, Raj Hirani has completely utilized the artists and their acting skills in Dunki. Vicky Kaushal is a surprising and impressive factor in the entire movie. 

The plot has a different essence in the movie which delivers feelings like dealing with an impossible mission, patriotism, love, humor, and a real-life problem. The songs in the movie take a special place giving a proper Goosebumps for the audience. The singer Sonu Nigam has created a special vibe with his voice in Dunki. 

Why Dunki Does Not Perform As Expected

Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu’s love angle takes lots of screen space which simply makes the movie runtime a bit longer. Also, their conversations create a dull vibe in the movie. 

The movie lacks freshness, and the Dunki movie does not have many surprising moments. The most negative part of Dunki movie is the trailer, because, the trailer itself reveals 50% of the plot. So the audience does not feel any blowing factor in the movie. 

The second half failed to keep up to the expectations and it fades compared to the first half of the movie. The grip that was built in the first half of the movie disappeared in the second half. Also, the scenes in the second half of the movie were not that impactful and made less feel what the writer intended to tell. The writing of the movie could have been improved, because most of the dialogue, and conversation did not sink with the current timeline. The dialogue lacked the punch and it feels outdated. 

Raj Hirani is popularly known for blending emotions. Compared to his previous movies Dunki does not have impactful emotions but has other factors like the strong plot in the first half. So this Hirani factor in Dunki was lacking. 

Dunki Movie Review

Dunki Movie Review

Shah Rukh Khan after delivering two blockbusters in 2023, he has delivered Dunki which is an average movie. The movie had lots of expectations from Shah Rukh Khan and Raj Hirani and expected this combo to blast at the theatres, but it failed. The previous movies of Shah Rukh Khan had a strong plot, and thrilling elements, and were filled with surprises. Dunki is a complete content-based movie, which has all the necessary elements like comedy, drama, humor, patriotism, and romance. The concept of illegal immigrants which can make the plot complex was less utilized and the story failed to draw depth. 

Also, Shah Rukh Khan has delivered his best performance, and the supporting cast has made it up to the mark. The family drama with outstanding concept brings an outstanding feeling with the wonderful performing actors.  But the Hirani factor in Dunki was missing. The writing of the movie and the run time could have been improved. The actors have performed outstandingly, but Raj Hirani is disappointed with his writing. Hirani character building worked well, but the story lacked a few elements, which just made the movie dull. The audience expected a dashing climax, but the movie ended with an average and impactless note. 

The most highlighted factor of Hirani’s Dunki movie is the comedy angle and the music. The music lets the movie take an emotional breath. The song sinks well with the weak and boring plots of the second half. Moreover, the second half is boring but the music keeps engaging until the end of the movie. 

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